Job Description

Sure, we all love our dogs. But sometimes, we love them outside. That’s why a cozy backyard doghouse can be so nice. Here’s a quick and easy outline of how to build your own. For bigger or smaller dogs, you should adjust the sizes accordingly. (Typically, a dog should be able to turn comfortably within.) And when you’re all done, feel free to add your own special decorative touches, including an exterior pad/carpet, a side window, roof trim, or even a front platform. Ahhh, a new doghouse… now that’s quite a treat!


Materials Required:

  • One 4’x8′ sheet of exterior plywood (5/8″ thick)
  • One 8′ length of 2″x4″
  • Box of 1-5/8″ galvanized decks crews
  • Box of 16d galvanized nails
  • Exterior paint or stain
  • Small bundle of roof shingles (if necessary)
  • Exterior caulking (if necessary)


Tools Needed:

  • Tape measure
  • Circular or table saw
  • Drill (with screw and round bits)
  • Pencil
  • Jigsaw (if desired)
  • Hammer
  • Paint brush


Construction Steps:


Build the Base

  • Step 1: Form your foundation with the treated 2″x4″ by cutting two 24″ length pieces and two 21″ length pieces.


  • Step 2: Nail the base together with the longer pieces as the sides and the shorter pieces as the front and back.


  • Step 3: For proper ventilation (and to prevent moisture build-up and wood rot) drill small, 1″ holes around the entire base—two or three holes for each side.


Saw the Sides

  • Step 4: On your sheet of plywood, measure and mark the two sides for your roof: 21″ x 32″ and 21-1/2″ x 32″.  (The additional 1/2″ is so that the sides attach evenly at the peak.)


  • Step 5: Now, cut the front and back sides to 21″ long and 27″ high. Then taper the height of each down to 16″ on the sides.


  • Step 6: On your front piece, mark an appropriately sized opening for your dog, and be sure to cut out this opening prior to assembling the house. (If possible, it may be best to use a jigsaw.)


  • Step 7: Mark, measure and cut your two walls to 16″ x 25-3/4″ each. Afterwards, carefully attach all of the sides with decking screws.


Raise the Roof


  • Step 8: Place the two sides of the roof on top of the house and screw together. (Because of its simplicity, the roof can be easily removed in order to clean the inside of the house. Just unscrew and replace when finished cleaning.)


  • Step 9: If any small seams exist, you can apply exterior caulk to prevent any leaks. (You can also nail down shingles if desired.)


  • Step 10: Now, finish your new doghouse with paint or stain. Once dry, invite your best friend over to try it out!